What Is The 4x-Quadrant Process™ Programme?

An 8-Week COACHING & MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME where we coach clients step-by-step to build a system to grow their business by getting 1 to 10 new high-paying clients every month through Linkedin – on autopilot. 

In 8-weeks we deliver all of the elements required (unique professional brand, content strategy, cold messaging scripts, scripts to set up meetings, automation) to set up and build a sustainable pipeline of 1 to 10 high-paying clients every month (depending upon business needs)…

The ‘4-Pillars’ of the 4x-Quadrant Process™

Professional Brand Index™ (PBx)

Most people on Linkedin operate a very low professional brand. Within the first 2 weeks, we coach clients to rewrite and optimize their entire Linkedin presence to increase their professional brand to an 8 or 9/10


Professional Network Index™ (PNx)

The 2nd to the 4th week is spent consulting with clients on how to pinpoint and connect with 100’s of ideal clients to rapidly scale their pool of qualified sales appointments to grow their business


Thought Niche Expert™

Clients are coached on how to position themselves as thought leaders and experts in their specialist niche so their ideal clients will be predisposed to want to speak with them


Qualified Golden Appointments™

Clients are coached on how to book more sales appointments with ideal clients that are ready and willing to do business within 2 months so they can rapidly grow their income


Many of our clients find that once they get the system up and running, they want more leads (which takes A LOT more time). We appreciate that time is precious, so as a BONUS, we’ll also include our PAx automation training. The very system that we implement to automate our process, so it’ll take as little as 30 minutes per day to  implement – regardless of how many leads are required!

Elements included in the Programme

– The psychology behind client acquisition 


– Why most people fail to have a steady stream of clients and grow their business


– What the so-called ‘gurus’ won’t tell you


– How to hold oneself out as a Thought Leader and position away from competitors


– Developing a professional and business image for sales


– Why Linkedin is the ideal platform for growing business & income


– Finding high-paying clients that are ready to do business


– Content strategy


– Paid advertising (if required)


– Delivering client services with automated systems that are controlled


– All call recordings to listen again and again to perfect the system

Weekly Q&A Call

The Programme also includes access to our weekly Q&A call to enable clients to put together all of the elements firmly (and correctly) in place. These coaching calls with us (once per week) will ensure clients come out with a powerful marketing system, and all necessary elements to build the business without all the headaches (and costs) of doing it wrong…

The investment?

Just one new client delivered from the system (the one we personally help clients to build and implement) will more than cover the investment… And clients will retain the system and all of the strategies to keep attracting high value clients again and again…

Deliverables included

MODULE 1: Crafting & packaging a professional and business presence to rapidly scale one’s income


MODULE 2: How to find Premium Clients that are ready to pay premium fees


MODULE 3: Generating a consistent flow of sales appointments to skyrocket revenue 


MODULE 4: Content strategies to boost income


MODULE 5: Automated systems & leveraging time availability for scaling the business


Weekly Q&A Consulting every week to keep on track with revenue goals

The 4x-Quadrant Process™ Coaching & Consulting Programme is currently open by invite only with limited availability.