Case Studies

Real estate investor’s profile views skyrocketed 905%; built authority status within his niche; booked 12 qualified sales appointments each month; and within 8 weeks, earned a fee of US$55,000.

I'm extremely grateful to Femi, Jennifer and the rest of the team for growing my business. My niche is highly competitive and so at times, didn't think we'd make it. I'm happy to say that they saw me through

105 fully-qualified sales appointments booked with C-suite executives in some of the largest companies in the world over the course of 6 months; authority status in a highly competitive IT niche; US$326,000 in earnings 

It was not just the consistency, but the quality of the appointments that impressed us. I'm aware of the benefits of using Linked In, but wasn't sure how to execute and implement. Extremely professional service - and highly impressed with the way they do things.

48 appointments booked with investors throughout the US; authority status developed in industrial and office space on the West Coast; US$86,000 in commission within 4 months

It took a few weeks for them to learn about my business, but once we got going, the value was obvious to see. Detailed understanding of how to use Linkedin to grow any business. Thank you guys!