Case Study 1

Mr Arnaud’s profile views skyrocketed 905%; he built authority status within his niche; booked 12 qualified sales appointments each month; and within 8 weeks took on 2 new clients and earned a fee of US$55,000.

The Challenge:


Mr Arnaud had been working in real estate for over 5 years and was well-known amongst investors in his circle, but wanted to reach out to people in larger circles with a lot more money, including institutional investors.


His goal was to find more investors that were London-based, but wanted to invest in the senior housing niche outside of London, so as to achieve yields of 7-8%.


However, this niche is highly competitive and they didn’t have the time and resources to complete this task in-house.

The Solution:

How LinkedxOptimization provided the know-how to grow the business


They were able to connect with the right investors using the 4 pillars of The 4x-Quadrant Process™


  1. Professional Brand Index™ (PBx): Most people on Linkedin operate a very low professional brand. Initial results came in the first 2 weeks through rewriting and optimizing the entire Linkedin presence, to raise their professional brand. This created a strong foundation that would position them as a preferred real estate firm in their niche.
  2. Professional Network Index™ (PNx): The 2nd to the 4th week, we focused on pinpointing and connecting with 100’s of ideal clients to rapidly scale their pool of qualified sales appointments to grow their business.
  3. Linkedin Niche Expert™: We developed a content strategy to position and cemented them as thought leaders and experts in their real estate niche
  4. Qualified Golden Appointments™: This led to a consistent stream of leads every month and a full pipeline of quality sales appointments with clients that were ready and willing to do business. Within 2 months they rapidly grew their income

The Results:


The 4x-Quadrant Process™ provides a new way to reach highly-targeted clients in competitive industries across the world


Despite the senior housing niche being highly-competitive with so many players in the market vying for the same pool of funds, the 4x-Quadrant Process™ enabled them to break through and reach previously hard-to-reach targets.

Because of the strategies implemented, Mr Arnaud’s profile views skyrocketed by 905% in a very short space of time resulting in inbound connection requests, causing his connections to increase by 1500 connections in 3 months. Many of these were his ideal connections.

As a result of our service, Mr Arnaud booked 12 qualified sales appointments each month, and within 8 weeks took on 2 new clients, earning a US$55,000 fee.