Case Study 2

105 fully-qualified sales appointments booked with C-suite executives in some of the largest companies in the world over the course of 6 months; authority status in a highly competitive IT niche; US$326,000 in earnings

The Challenge:


A professional services firm which specialises in the provision of a range of IT services, including the newly formed division that was tasked to focus upon RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software projects.


The company’s goal was to target C-suite executives in some of the largest companies in the world and they understood it would be difficult to reach the actual decision makers.


Through their own internal efforts, the firm were generating some sales appointments, but the investment in time and money was beginning to provide diminishing returns, and their control over the quality of appointments left a lot to be desired.


The Solution:


We took a look at what was working – and wasn’t – for the sales staff and developed a new approach based upon the 4 pillars of our system. By focusing upon individual relationships, and devising a messaging strategy that would convert more of their ideal clients to book an appointment, they were able to take back control of their sales pipeline and reduce the unnecessary waste of their time and resources:

    1. Professional Brand Index™(PBx): They were effectively positioned by rewriting their Linkedin profiles and Company pages, and optimized their entire Linkedin presence; 
    2. Professional Network Index™ (PNx): Within months, they had vastly grown their network among other thought leaders and industry experts, as well as C-suite executes. This positioned the sales team to be able to drawn from a large pool to guarantee them sales appointments (PNx)
    3. Linkedin Niche Expert™: We advised them to create a Linkedin group in their specialist area; and developed a content strategy. By demonstrating their familiarity with their audience and their interests, as well as with RPA, this positioned their brand above their competitors;
    4. Qualified Golden Appointments™: With the 4x-Quadrant Process in place, they routinely attracted quality sales appointments with C-suite executives.


Because lead times in their industry can be 2-3 months, and 6-months in certain cases, we ensured they had a consistent stream of sales appointments every month and a full pipeline of sales opportunities to steepen their revenue curve into the future.

The Results:


LinkedxOptimization’s 4x-Quadrant Process enabled the business to generate US$326,000 in earnings over the course of 6 months

We enabled the firm to book sales appointments with C-suite executives at global power houses, such as:
    • GE Power
    • NTS Retail
    • Fundrock Management Company
    • Cigna


Within months they’d seen their active contacts surge to over 3,500 quality connections which provided their sales team with a continual pool of quality sales opportunities flowing through their doors.


This consistency in their pipeline has led to more predictability and less money and time spent attending trade shows across the country.


The firm expects to receive multiples on their investment because of the additional business that will come through closing deals with 2nd level connections.