Case Study 3

48 appointments booked with investors throughout the US; authority status developed in industrial and office space on the West Coast; US$86,000 in commission within 4 months

The Challenge:


Our client was a Retail Commercial Real Estate Agent with Marcus & Millichap, selling large shopping centres. She worked with private investors, as well as commercial businesses that invested in retail space.


At the time, she had been working as an Agent for 15 years, earning $500k/ annum and her goal was to increase her income, as well as have more time-freedom.  


Prior to working with us she hired freelancers from Eastern Europe, who didn’t understand the rules of engagement on Linkedin. After 6 weeks of working with them, her Linkedin account was banned.


The process to get her account reinstated took 2 months and during this period she had no access to any of her clients on the platform

The Solution:


We took a look at what was working – and wasn’t – for the sales staff and developed a new approach based upon the 4 pillars of our system. By focusing upon individual relationships, and devising a messaging strategy that would convert more of their ideal clients to book an appointment, they were able to take back control of their sales pipeline and reduce the unnecessary waste of their time and resources:

    1. Professional Brand Index™(PBx): We rewrote the clients profile and developed her Linkedin presence to position her as an expert in commercial real estate with a particular focus on the retail space, leaning on her 20 year status and over 200 million in closed transactions; 
    2. Professional Network Index™ (PNx): We vastly expanded her network among her target clients across the US among accredited investors, as well as Disposition enabling us to drawn from a large pool of potential clients for sales appointments (PNx)
    3. Linkedin Niche Expert™: We utilized a variety of content strategies to position her as an expert and thought leader in her field. This positioned her brand above her competitors, predisposing clients to want to meet with her;
    4. Qualified Golden Appointments™: We booked a steady stream of appointments with ideal clients, averaging 3 to 5 appointments each week with high-paying, targeted and hard-to-reach clients.


Because we understood that many retail deals are highly complex, we structured the strategy to ensure our client always had a full pipeline of sales opportunities to steepen her revenue curve so that she would be able to earn in years to come, even after we stopped working together.

The Results:


LinkedxOptimization’s 4x-Quadrant Process enabled the client to generate US$86,000 in commission over a 4-month period, and develop a pipeline/ relationships with clients leading to future earnings 

Our goal is always to ensure that our clients build relationships, so that long after we stop working together, their Linkedin account is an asset that can continue to earn an income for years to come.


We built relationships with multiple high networth individuals and accredited investors throughout the US that invested in real estate and were looking for competent brokers to work with.


Within the first month, we developed a relationship with an investor in San Gabriel with 40 units for sale (see below).