“I wanted to start  the job in sales the right way so I figured why not use LinkedIn. The strategy is simple and they got my in put every step of the way. They work on my profile about 2 hours each day. Because of different time zones, there is no worries. My profile views have gone up and I’m now smashing my sales targets – on course to $250k this year. All leads are warm and I can focus on other stuff instead of managing my profile”


– Fernando, Sales, Louisiana

“We’re a small firm so we didn’t have the time to sit down and figure out how to achieve growth through social media. I wanted to hire experts that would come in and get our business off the ground. I’ve been able to follow-up with tons of leads that would ordinarily be sitting dormant. They consistently  provide 15 – 20 warm meetings per month with clients that are interested in our software making a huge difference to our business.”


– Maria Gomez, IT software sales, Miami

“As a startup, sales are the life-blood of the business, so I wasn’t convinced we should hire outside marketers right at the start. I started off by optimizing my profile with them which they did an excellent job on. After a few months, when things started to pick up, we brought in the team to ramp up business. They only feed us an average of 3 to 4 qualified prospects per week, i.e. those interested in our products, so there’s no time wasting for us. We are able to close 30% of the deals so we are going to stick with them long term. Our SAAS product currently sells at 100,000 kr/ yr. You do the maths.”


– Paul, Co-founder & COO, Sweden

“Thank you for all your help and walking me through your lead generation and marketing system.


I have used linkedin many times in the past, but there were certain key tips and tricks your team brought to light which were outside of my awareness.


You explained everything in detail and went over the process in a step by step manner.


You gave me an education in marketing, lead generation, sales, social… I can see you are really knowledgeable and experienced about what you do.


If someone wants help to grow their business and asks if I know who could help them, I would not hesitate to name Femi and his team.


Pleasure working with you guys.”


– Jack Wellington, medical devices sales

“We were looking to get more business or commercial listings among those doing M&A and Small Business Sellers. The system developed by Linked Optimization didn’t just manage the leads, it developed relationships with some of my key clients. It’s all about time for me and I was really stretched day-to-day. Within 3 months we took on several listings in the $1-5 million range which was amazing for the trajectory of my firm.”


– Sacha B., Principal Broker, NYC area

“We typically work with healthcare properties in the 1 to 5 million $ range. I continue to work with these guys because we get a consistent flow of listings. I prefer not to deal with the initial stage of identifying prospects and finding out which ones are genuine or not. The team doing a brilliant job so I don’t have to!”


– Paul, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, New York

“Recommended by a colleague who said he was able to see results that added significantly to his bottomline. They took the sting out of my lack of knowledge of Linked In. I wasn’t doing too bad before, I just wanted to expand my  clients and get more commercial work. They didn’t disappoint!

My target is to close 3 deals per month which requires  an active  and  consistent pipeline of new clients. Once this was achieved there were a lot of added benefits that followed such as local speaking gigs. It wasn’t my focus, but I’m glad to do it.”


– Richard B., Sales Executive, Louisiana

“What they do isn’t rocket science and in fact, we wanted to do it ourselves. Initially, we learnt the system through all the blog posts, articles and videos Jennifer and the team releases. In the end, didn’t have the time to be consistent with it. They get us a steady flow of warm clients who are salesguys close with no problem. Great RoI as far as we are concerned – we close one lead and make $50k  – we have repeat clients so it’s worth the monthly fee. Business has grown month-on-month since we started working with them. We are well established on the platform too which means we get a constant flow of inbound traffic to our site too!”


– Aaron, Sales Lead and Managing Director, NYC

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